Fit Girl


At DefineU, we pride ourselves on being all inclusive and celebrating success. From elite athletes to service men and women, take a look at just some of our stand out individuals

2020 has been a turbulent year for all, but it has been essential for athletes far and wide to maintain their conditioning where possible. Competing in the BBL, the Raiders were keen to keep working through lockdown to be ready for their much anticipated return to the court.

We first conducted a testing process to evaluate the players strengths and limitations. Not only to aid with programming, but to screen for injury prevention. Following this process, we then provided the squad with a bespoke programme consisting of mobility protocols and a number of conditioning sessions to maintain their fitness during lockdown.

Plymouth Raiders

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With tours to Afghanistan and the Falklands, as well as international exercises in Kenya, Georgia and Bosnia, Jack is an infanteer and sharpshooter with 1 Rifles in the British Army.

 DefineU was fortunate enough to work with Jack before his deployment to Afghanistan in 2019. Unlike any sport or job, serving in the armed forces is both extremely physically and mentally demanding. To operate in extreme climates and do his job to the best of his ability, Jack wanted to make sure he was physically robust and not at risk of injury. During his time in the Army, Jack has also been working to develop an extremely successful media company, which can be found on instagram @EvosMedia.

Jack Evans

Issey began working with DefineU at the end of 2019 through the Elite Performance Academy at college. With a rather varied and unstructured background in gym based training, DefineU was the first to introduce Issey to periodised, bespoke programming, specifically designed for her events. Competing at a national level, it was essential that both training and recovery were optimised to help her performance to peak at competitions.


In isseys first competition since starting to work with DefineU, she achieved personal best times in all events at competition. Between October 2019 and April 2020, Issey achieved six personal records and most recently came 2nd at nationals in Swansea.

Issey Aspen

It is widely known that the selection process to become a Royal Marines Commando, and serving in this branch of the armed forces, is one of the most physically and mentally challenging jobs possible. This individual was one of only seven to complete the full selection process, out of more than 50 applicants that were involved in that specific intake.

Whilst there was a clear emphasis on being physically capable, it was almost more important to develop injury prevention. The selection process is no less than 32 weeks of training, which places extreme and varied demands on the body. Any sort of injury acquired during this lengthy period, would have hindered his chances of passing selection. Having worked with DefineU, this individual developed his cardiovascular fitness, strength and remained injury free throughout the whole process.

Royal Marines Commando