About Us

Established in 2019, the company was developed for YOU. DefineU takes the principles of strength and conditioning to not only enhance performance of elite athletes, but to tackle some of the most contemporary health issues of today.

So what makes us different? You can find plenty of personal trainers at your local gym and fitness influencers online, so why choose DefineU? Well it's quite simple. As strength and conditioning coaches, we pride ourselves on having extensive, science-backed knowledge which means we can offer a very high standard of coaching. We are specialists in the field of health and fitness and, as a company, here at DefineU, we pride ourselves on our professionalism. We are not personal trainers, we are strength and conditioning coaches, which is why we can offer the following:​

  • Bespoke programming

  • Explanation of the science behind our methods

  • Biomechanical analysis

  • Functional movement screening

  • Injury rehabilitation

  • Sport/job specific training

  • Weekly monitoring

  • And much much more

Join us today!

You can sign up to become a member of the DefineU community, which will give you access to a personalised exercise demonstrations/tutorials area, where you can input notes and highlight specific videos. You will also be able to track all of the sessions that you have booked with us, organise them on your calendar and will receive notifications when you have an upcoming session.

"Grass was made to grow, birds were made to sing and us, well, that is for us to decide" ~ Aristotle

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